ONLINE courses

Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness for Everyone

This self-pace course offers a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of mindfulness from a secular perspective. Over 8-modules of educational materials and more than 20 guided practices. The course is designed for beginners and well-seasoned practitioners. .

Buddist Recovery

Buddhist Recovery

This self-paced online class was created to provide a simple and comprehensive framework for understanding how Buddhism and Dharma practice can be cultivated as means for overcoming addiction, embracing recovery, and creating a meaningful life. It includes: 6 Modules of content designed for you to move at your own pace. More than 3 hours of educational video content. 18 guided meditation practices. All content pertaining to the original teachings of the Buddha from historical and academic perspectives. Over 40 Talks on Buddhist Recovery.

Dharma live online

Dharma Live/Online

For those new to mindfulness and wish to have a comprehensive understanding of the practice, this is often the best place to begin. You will be able to participate in live weekly groups held on zoom with a community of others who share similar interests. The session audio is recorded, and upon enrollment you will access over 50 talks and guided practices.