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There is no universal definition for the word Mindfulness – Due to its widespread and growing popularity it carries a very wide definition, which can be confusing to those who are new to the practice of mindfulness. Some camps of mindfulness place a lot of emphasis on the physical aspects. Others use it in conjunction with therapy, or even as an alternative to therapy and medication. Many identify the role of mindfulness as better management over thoughts and emotions that allow for more choice and ease in their lives. There is a large group of people who bring mindfulness into their work lives, particularly those working in medicine, psychology and education. 

These are all good reasons to practice and we can respect that it means different things to different people. Whatever your motivation is, trust that it is a good one.  I personally invite you to take this course; a deep dive into the practice, theory, instruction and application of Mindfulness practice. 


8 Modules, Specifically Designed for You to Move at Your Own Pace

Over 3 Hours of Educational Video Content

Over 20 Audio Guided Mindfulness Practices

Over 60 Pages of Educational Reading Material

Talks and Lectures from Various Professionals within the Field

1 Year Total Access to All Course Material 

“I hope that you will join me in this rich, instructive and easy to navigate online learning experience”

Dave Smith: Teacher and Course Instructor